Regional Care Collaborative: Advancing Patient-Centered Care

June 17th, 2014 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Battle House Renaissance Marriott Hotel, Mobile, AL

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Regional Care Collaborative: Advancing Patient-Centered Care event! We hope that you were able to gain valuable information and connections with other organizations at the event to expand your Health Centers’ efforts to improve health and provide high-quality care across the Gulf Region. As promised, here are the slides from the presentations that you saw on June 17th. Presentations are listed in the order that they were presented at the RCC.

Behavioral Health Integration in Federally Qualified Health Centers:
Strategies for Making It Work
Kathy Reynolds, MSW, ACSW
Vice President, Integrated Health and Wellness, National Council for Behavioral Health
For FQHCs moving to PCMH, behavioral health will become more important. This presentation will identify strategies for successfully providing behavioral health services in the primary care setting.

Care Teams in PCMH and Beyond
Maia Bhirud and Julie Peskoe, Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC)
Judy Mitchell, Franklin Primary Health Center
What are the elements components of effective care teams and what are the barriers to effective teams? This presentation covers the characteristics of effective teams and the development of those teams. Franklin Health Center will share their perspective on the resources and challenges of creating strong, high functioning care teams.

Sustaining Patient Center Medical Homes
Alan Mitchell, PCDC
This presentation describes how to sustain your Patient Centered Medical Home operations despite competing priorities, limited resources, and other challenges. We’ll discuss building sustainability plans before, during, or after your initial implementation, calculating costs associated with PCMH activities, and approaches to developing cost benefit analyses.

Strengthening Integrated Health with the FQHCs
Dr. Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, University of South Alabama
Michelle Brazeal, University of Southern Mississippi
In this session, the presenters will explore different work flow models for integrating behavioral health within an FQHC.

Patient Centered Medical Home and Meaningful Use: Two Birds, One Stone
Alan Mitchell, PCDC
Stacey Curry, Coastal Family Health Center, Inc.
This presentation describes methods for efficiently achieving Patient Centered Medical Home and Meaningful Use standards simultaneously. We’ll discuss overlaps between the two standards, areas where they diverge, and approaches to tackling the work each entails.

Quality Improvement and Performance Monitoring in a PCMH
Maia Bhirud, PCDC
Beth Edwards, Mostellar Medical Center
This presentation describes how to approach complex quality improvement initiatives from their inception through their completion. Through the lens of a robust referral tracking initiative, we'll frame one method for embracing quality improvement challenges and finding effective solutions.

Chronic Care Management in a PCMH
Julie Peskoe, PCDC
Dr. Shondra Williams, Jefferson Community Health Centers, Inc.
This breakout session is an introduction to the chronic care model and the role of the care manager and care team in addressing the needs of chronically ill patients. Learn how Jefferson Community Health Center transformed to address the needs of their patients with cardiovascular and diabetic disease.

Facilitated Conversation with State Primary Care Associations
Tom Knox, Director of Preparedness & Education Programs, Florida Association of Community Health Centers

Sharon Parker, Chief Quality Officer, Alabama Primary Health Care Association

Robert Pugh, Executive Director, Mississippi Primary Health Care Association
Angel Greer, CEO, Coastal Family Health Center, Inc.

Jasmyne Watts, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Louisiana Primary Care Association