“ICD-10 is Delayed: Now What?”
“Create a Culture of Wellness to Support Health Behavior Change”
“Strategic Business Development: Helping BH Organizations Flourish”
“Sharing MH Information: Details of the New HIPAA Privacy Rule”
“An Update on Financing Integrated Healthcare”
“Successful Partnerships: What Primary Care Needs from BH”
“Transitioning to ICD-10: Why It’s Important to BH Care provider and How to Prepare”

There are also some on good managerial traits, how to attract good employees, etc. that might be useful

“The Role of Onsite Labs and Pharmacies in Clinical Integration”
“The Role of Peer Providers in Integrated Health”
“Resources for the New Integrated Healthcare Workforce”
“Integrating BH in PC: Lessons from Health Centers (FQHCs)”
“It’s Just Good Medicine: Trauma-Informed PC”
“Improving Quality and Access to Integrated Care for Racially Divers and Limited English Proficiency Communities”
“Treatment Innovations: Perspectives from Addiction Providers Integrating PC”
“Financing and Policy Considerations for Medicaid Health Homes for Individuals with BH Conditions”
“Health IT for Primary and BH Integration”

“Behavioral Health Integration: A Key Step Towards the Triple Aim”

A good looking program that starts August 14th.